Quick Easy Long Weekend Hairstyle #2

(Thanx to Hair Romance Blog)

The Half Up Twist Hairstyle

Lazy long weekends are all about minimal styling, why not try this hairstyle! It's a cute way to add a personal touch to your classic GHD waves! (as shown on previous blog post)


What You Need:

A small hair elastic (preferably clear in colour)


  • Part your hair in the centre or to the right.

  • Take a small pice of hair from either side of your head along the front of your hairline. You can add in more hair if you like.

  • Connect both sides with a hair elastic about an inch behind your left ear.

  • Topsy tail the section by flipping it up and inside, twisting it down. And that’s it!

Styling Tips:

  • You can pin the twist in place if you want the style to be really secure. You can even hide the ends under the rest of your hair.

  • Make sure you use a small clear hair elastic, or match your hair colour, so it doesn’t stand out in the finished style.

  • I curled the ends of my hair with a large barrel curling wand to achieve these curls then brushed them out with a bristle brush.

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