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When it comes to our bodies we always aim to eat healthy and be healthy... why do we slack when it comes to our hair?

There has been years of talk about supermarket hair products verses professional hair products... Many people don’t know the difference and what damage supermarket hair care products can have on your hair long term.

Many woman are cautious of going out and buying professional products because they don’t know the difference between each individual brand and what is right for there hair type. They also think professional brands are a lot more expensive and don't view it as an investment, rather than a risk so they choose price over quality.

Its true, professional hair care products are more expensive compared to supermarket hair care products but they are a lot more expensive? Professional hair care products are concentrated so you only need a small amount each go so in the long-term they are very much on par with supermarket products making them just as cost-effective. Yes it's true the supermarket brands have some of the same ingredients however to save money, some companies use cheaper or a very minimal amount of beneficial ingredients, often detergent based, in order to make the products cheaper for the supermarket to sell. Professional brands are made with performance as the top priority and have excessive amounts of science with a lot of money put into the development of each individual product to make the hair as healthy as possible, to protect against UV, stop colour your fading, deeply nourish and repair the hair with excessive amounts of essential ingredients in each products.


I'm sure your thinking.. But my hair always feels silky when I use my shampoo and conditioner from the supermarket... the reason for this is due to the excess amounts of silicone that can build up on your hair over time and be quite damaging to your hair in the long run. If you get your hair coloured the hair dye can heat up very quickly as it reacts to the silicone built up on your hair and snap off or damage your hair very quickly. Professional products don’t use silicones very often but when they do they use water-soluble silicon so you don’t get a big built up.

To have the silky lush hair you've always wanted you need to know what type of hair we have in order to use the right professional products to suit your needs... is your hair thick? Thin? Curly? Straight? Oily? Dry? Short? Long?

As a hairstylist myself, I will always recommend products to best suit your needs and wants in a shampoo/conditioner or styling product to make your hair look its best at all times, even when your styling your hair at home. Myself and other Stylists will also recommend products to fix any damage that has happened to your hair to make it as healthy as possible.

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