All About Treatments!

What are treatments?

Why have one?

Is my hairdresser just ‘selling’ to me?

What is a treatment and why on earth would I need one. My hair looks healthy. I get haircuts regularly.

Lets look at your hair, really look at your hair, is it flat/ hard to comb/ unmanageable/ splitting at the ends/or just looking dull? Or is it dry/ course/ or frizzy?

A treatment is the answer to all of these!

First you need to know what treatment is right for your hair and why, what is a treatment? A treatment is different to a conditioner as it penetrates either moisture/protein or even both deep into the hair shaft for ultimate benefits.

Lets talk about the popular moisture treatments… moisture treatments are best for the thicker unruly hair types benefitting it by making it less like course frizzy hair and adding lustre and shine into it. It also adds that moisture back into those strands that are on the verge of splitting but don’t get confused and just add moisture to your hair thinking that will repair it, no, we cant forget about adding protein back into the hair for strength, manageability for fine hair and life into that knotty un-comb-able hair!

So the question as a hairdresser myself I like to ask my clients is ‘are we cutting your hair or treating it today?’

When you colour your hair it is in its more vulnerable state in which the cuticle is left open and your hair can feel dry/dehydrated.

Depending on the condition your hair is in will depend on how often you need to do a treatment. If your hair is healthy you can use a treatment every 1-4 weeks. If its highly treated, quite dry or you struggle combing it, a treatment every time you wash your hair (or 3-4 times a week) is recommended but its best to ask your stylist to prescribe the right type of treatment to use on your hair. Fine hair lacks a lot of elasticity and can often be hard to comb and go flat/lifeless regularly so protein treatments are highly recommended at least once a week to aid in manageability of the hair.

In salon treatments are usually the best as you not only get a wonderfully relaxing head massage

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