Lets Talk AMA's 2015

The hairstyles of the AMA's 2015 we found were a modern edgy take on sleek classic elegant looks !!

Karrueche Tran battled out the red carpet with Kendal Jenner, pulling off almost the same faux fringe top knot with elegance! Someone needs to phone Britney Spears and tell her with the right makeup and clothing a top knot can look classy rather than trashy!

We thought Selena Gomez was channeling Demi Moore... Sleek and straight is always a hit in our eyes !


This is a wig,

i repeat....

Gigi Hadid did not cut her famous luscious locks

(even though we LOVEDDD the bob), i guess the kardashians have had an impact on Gigi as they are all about a wig!

What are you thoughts on the looks this year?

What where you expecting/wanting to see?

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