Lightening Up For Summer!

With Summer already here, many of us are thinking of lightening our hair for the su

Cream lightener or all over single process colour will give a global colour from roots to ends, often used for platinum blonding, to lighten up a dark colour or cover grey hair. Globel colouring is a much more dramatic look as all the hair is coloured leaving no natural base. Maintanence is between 4-5weeks therefore commitment is higher compared to foiling or balayage. Classic Foils is the art of weaving hair to give you a natural lightened look, this can be done with one colour or mutliple colours to give a defenition or multitone to the hair.


The top trends for summer'16 are 'Bronde', bronde is the new ombre! There are many forms of bronde, for example 'ronde (think emma stone!) but the forever Classic Platinum is always a hit on the runway!

Lightening your hair doesn't mean damaging your hair, with Olaplex now in salon it means we can start strengthen your hair during and after the colouring process! Olaplex is a new product that helps to repair the broken bonds in the hair that has happened over time. Olaplex treatments straight after and between your colour

Being so close to the beach highlights never go out of fashion and (lets be honest, lighter hair always looks better against tanned skin as is makes your skin have a healthy glow)With this in mind we recommend starting the lightening up process now as the slower your are to lighten your hair the better it is (and more fun the play with different shades!).

When going lighter there are a few tips to help keep your colour looking fresh. Firstly purple shampoo is a must to keep brassy gold tones at bay which can develop in your hair between colour services. Secondly regular treatments are very benefitial to help add moisture, strength, life & mantainence back into your hair, we would highly recommend Olaplex treatments or Revlon Nutri Colour Creme that adds both moisture and tone.

Another option to keep your hair looking healthy and fresh is to get regular semi's/Gloss's to help seal your hair and add shine and tone!

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