Chippers's Long Weekend Essentials Guide!

The long weekend is all about family, friends and going out, The last thing you want to think about is you hair!

So here is Chippers low mantainance long weekend essential guide:


To start off all looks (especially styles you want to last a long time!) you need to wash your hair first with Maxi.Wash. Maxi.Wash is detoxifying shampoo that deeply removes any dirty/unwanted product/chemicals and impuritys from your hair and scalp, think of it as an exfoliator for your hair! Apply to wet hair and gently massage into hair and scalp (do not scrub), leave fore 1 minute then rinse, follow by your salon prescribed shampoo and conditioner!


GHD Curl Hold is a light non-sticky spray with will define and make sure your curls do not drop! It has ext remeheat protection so you dont damage your hair aswell as giving hold so you can pair it with your GHD styler and your curls will last longer than you do!


Curve is GHD's new curling wands/tongs, with 6 quick-thinking sensors within the tri-zone technology giving even heat for healthier curls that stay locked in all day and night!

The Wave Wand has 38mm-26mm oval shaped barrel to create a glossy edgy wave on long hair. All curve have a cool tip designed for no burning, ease and comfort when styling! It also has sleep mode that automatically turns off for all you forgetful ladies ;)

Sections hair starting from the neck up (2inch X 2inch) hold the wand diagonally down and twist the hair around the barrel, hold for 10-15 seconds and release, Simple!


Do.Over is a dry finishing spray that gives the ultimate shaggy bed hair! Unlike a hairspray Do.Over isnt sticky and has the power to mold and shape while giving movement and freedom. Shake well, spray evenly onto dry hair focusing on the roots and zoosh or brush hair

Now with your hair sorted all you need to do is pair it with the perfect outfit and cocktail and your set! :)

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