Autumn Trend Report

Chippers Trend Report for Autumn

Autumn is here and as it has started to get colder the colour tones get warmer and those curls get emphasised!

This Autumn it's all about coppers, reds, golden blondes, golden browns, copper browns and deep brunette shades. The biggest news this season is for styling, we couldn't be more excited to say... curls are back baby! That means - yes you've heard it from us - the perm is back on the agenda. More specifically the Prada and Olaplex Perm.

You may have had a slight shock when I say perms are back but don't think 80's tight ringlet frizzy perms, think perm 2.0! Modern waves meet perm. Talk of the perm started to take off after Prada's latest runway show, in February, where the models showed off tousled soft curls paired with a curved soft, almost grown out fringe. "Prada curls are more modern, broken down and don't look so new" - Guido Palau, The creator of this look.

The Prada perm is more relaxed than a usual perm as it is done with larger rollers, more like a body wave, and, with new updated technology, the solutions are not as harsh for the hair as back in the 80's. As well as better perm solution, Olaplex being used for perms helps repair bonds and soften hair after a perm which reduces damage. For those not so game, perm alternatives such as using the GHD Curve Creative Curl Wand or if your hair is wavy a curling product, Chippers recommends Kevin.Murphy Killer.Curls to help activate any curl in the your natural hair and using the good ole' diffuser or scrunch-drying to help dry your hair with a wave.

The Warm tones this Autumn give the hair a glossy more defined finish, add a pop of colour to the lips and you have the perfect look. Check out Revlon's Fall In Love Autumn Collection for the latest colours this season.

Coppers & Reds

Coppers and reds are best suited to people with warmer skin tones, which include golden or peachy, Unless you go for fashion brights and that can be worn with confidence on almost anyone!

For people with cooler skin tones, fashion coloured reds or warm irridescent are best suited when they are more violet-red based to complement your cooler skin.

Warm Blondes

Golden blondes are best suited to fairer skin and lighter eyes.

For a more natural golden blonde, balayage with darker roots with lighter ends are best to create depth and a glossy finish or getting your hairdresser to mixing golden colours with honey colours to add dimension

If your game why not try a salmon blonde which suits just about anyone.

Copper Browns and Deep Brunette Shades

When deciding to go for a warmer brown, you need to match your features with your eyes. Copper browns will enhance the eyes and looks great paired with blue eyes. You can really rock this look if you have some cute freckles.

Deep brunette hair is a rich brown shade with a balance of cool and warmth that give a sophisticated luxurious beautiful look to any woman. Match deep brown hair with olive skin and brown eyes or piercing green eyes!

For more information check out to see how you can receive a free Revlon lipstick with your Revlon colour service.

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