Hottest Trend This Season - Curls

Beautiful luscious curls are a must have this season!

But how do we get those luscious locks free from frizz. To be able to know how to deal with your hair you first need to identify what hair type you have whether it be curly, frizzy, wavy, thin, thick, oily, dry or even straight hair that you would like to be curly!

Maintaining Dry Frizzy Hair:

When your hair has a natural frizz that needs to be tamed you need to look for product to

control it. If you have thick hair you need a heavy cream or oil to add weight to the hair. If you have medium to thin hair your need a light cream or oil so it doesn't weigh your hair down to much and make it look limp or not curl as well. Most curling products have a de-frizzing property in them which can be enough for medium-fine hair to but not for thick hair as it won't be heavy enough. Curling product for thick hair needs to be mixed with an oil to make a cocktail of product which allows the curl be activated and frizz to be maintained. Other options to maintain frizz is by getting a professional hydrating and/or strengthening shampoo and conditioner and treatment to add back the moisture and into your hair; talk to your hairdresser about which shampoo/conditioner/treatment will be best suited to your hair.

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Maintaining Oily Hair:

Oily hair can be due to different factors whether it be the shampoo, conditioner, treatment, or the product your using. If you use a shampoo/conditioner/treatment or product that isn't right for your hair type or is too heavy for you hair it can make your hair become oilier much

quicker and make you think that you are naturally oily, it is always best to ask your stylist what products are best suited to your hair.

At different stages in your life your scalp can produce more oil than normal due to hormones, this usually happens around puberty and the teenage years. During this time it is best to wash your hair as much as needed as we over-produce oil which can make our hair feel and look dirty and, unfortunately, may possibly smell if not washed regular. Other ways to control oily hair is to use a professional dry shampoo to use in-between washing hair days. If you use dry shampoo from the supermarket or other non hairdressing brands, they can remove to much oil from your scalp which makes your scalp produce more oil to counteract the removal.

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How To Style Curly Hair:

Curly hair isn't hard to style once you learn!

What you need- First you need the right product for your hair whether you like a soft natural look/a beach wavy look or very curly look.

- A diffuser for you hairdryer is a necessity for drying curly hair! It adds volume and emphasises the curl rather than a normal hairdryer blowing out your curl and making it frizzy

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Once you have the right product, scrunch in the amount as directed by your stylist, flip your hair upside down and dry your hair with the diffuser (If you finding it hard first go, turn down the power level on your hairdryer to medium), while drying scrunch your hair slightly to help activate the curl. Once your hair is 80% dry (curly hair should only be dried 80% otherwise it can go frizzy and dry) flip your hair back over and pull into place. You can add a shine spray or more product if you desire.

How to Emphasise Curls- There are a few ways to emphasise curls into your hair other than

scrunch drying with a defuser. The first is using a curling wand or hot tong. A curling wand is very easy to use, all you need to do is grab a section of hair you wish to emphasise the curl, wrap around the wand, hold for 10-15 seconds (depending on thickness of section/hair) and release. The second way you can emphasise curl even in straight hair is by getting a perm.. yes i said it, a perm! Perms aren't what they use to be back in the day, they are a softer more tousled curl and the solution is much softer for the hair so it doesn't damage the hair.

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