Achieving a Professional Look at Home

Every woman dreams of having there own personal hairstylist to do there hair every morning so there hair is perfect 24/7!

What if we told you don't need to be Kim K with millions of dollars and a personal hairstylist to achieve a perfect look everyday?

...And it lasts?

And what if we told you it only takes 3 simple steps?


Tools you'll need:

- Clips

- Tail comb

- Hairdryer

- GHD Curve curling tong

Products Recommended to use by Chippers Hair to make the style last

- Maxi.Wash by Kevin.Murphy Plus another Kevin.Murphy Shampoo prescribed by your hair stylist

- Revlon Nutri Colour Creme #000

- Un.Tangled by Kevin.Murphy

- Curl Hold Spray by GHD

- Session.Spray by Kevin.Murphy

- Do.Over By Kevin.Murphy

Fun Fact: When surveyed the average hairdresser uses on 3 products a day to achieve there look. How else to you think there hair looks so good all the time!


Step One- Shampoo hair with a clarifying shampoo such as Kevin.Murphy Maxi.Wash and leave on for 2 minutes. Rinse and follow by another Shampoo recommended by your stylist.

(Maxi.Wash contains AHA's to break down and remove fatty acids and all dirt/impurities from hair and scalp plus detoxing and invigorate the scalp with antiseptics to leave the hair with ultimate shine and purity).

Step Two- Towel dry hair and apply Revlon Nutri Colour Creme #000 to mid lengths and ends. Comb through. leave fore 3minutes. rinse.

(Revlon Nutri Colour Creme #000 is a 3-in-1 formula for an instant hair treatment without colour pigments for healthy, luscious, shiny hair)


Step one- Spray Un.Tangled by Kevin Murphy on to mid lengths and ends. Comb hair. shag dry hair.

(Un.Tangled is a leave in lightweight conditioner to untangle, strengthen and restore hair with extreme heat protection, moisture retention and paraben free. Leaving the hair with a silky feel)

Step Two- Section hair. Starting from the neck spray hair with GHD Curl Hold Spray. Comb. Curl with GHD curling tong. repeat over whole head making the curls go away from the face and meet at the back of head. Spray each section with Kevin.Murphy Session Spray to give hold.

(Session.Spray is a weightless hair spray that gives firm hold for a long lasting hairstyle. UV and colour protection. Great memory even when brushed out. Leaves no flakiness)

(Sectioning pattern)


Step One- Spray roots and ends with Do.Over by Kevin.Murphy. Ruffle roots. Comb through with a wide tooth comb or fingers to break up curl.

For a more glam sleeker finished look, brush out hair with a paddle brush or cushion brush

(Do.Over is a dry finishing spray with a mild hold to give movement and shape. Think dry shampoo meets hairspray! Volumising. Moisturising. Creates texture. Paraben free)

Step Two- Sprits finished hair with Shimmer.Shine by Kevin.Murphy to add shine and lustre to the hair

(Shimmer.Shine is a lightweight finishing mist that adds ultimate shine without making hair oily. Contains treatment ingredients to repair damaged hair. Strengthening. Paraben free)

(optional) Step Three- Spray hair with final spray of Session.Spray or Do.Over for extra hold

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