Those Dreaded crawly friends!



unwanted Crawling friends!

About nits?

Nits are small wingless insects that crawl, live, feed and breed on a human scalp. They do not jump and can only be transmitted from direct contact crawling from scalp to scalp. The y do not carry diseases and cannot live for more than 24hours off the scalp. Half the amount of people who have had head lice never scratch there scalp, other symptoms of having nits are making your hair look dirty/oily and flat and will feel like you cannot get your hair clean.

How to Remove nits? (Instructions may vary depending on nit solution brand)

Step One- Part dry hair and apply nit solution to the scalp beginning at the neck and behind the ears working up. Massage through.

Step Two- Once head is fully covered begin combing the hair from roots to ends starting from neck up. This will ensure all head lice trying to escape from the solution by travelling up the hair shaft will be removed from the hair.

Step Three- Wipe Head lice and ends from the fine toothed comb on a tissue as you proceed through the hair.

Step Four- Leave solution on for time allocated on bottle instruction, no less! Repeat combing whole head once again.

Step Five- Rinse hair thoroughly

Step Six- Lightly shampoo hair twice and condition

Step Seven- Repeat steps One-Six 7 Days later (no earlier!) to remove any nits or eggs that were left on head (this step is essential!)

How to prevent nits?

Nits love clean hair, the dirtier the hair the less likely you will get nits. To prevent nits from getting onto kids hair while at school, wash there hair once a week and add conditioner to there hair everyday when styling hair to make it dirtier and have a slip to the hair so nits find it harder to attach to hair strands, this will also add moisture back into your Child's hair and make (if a girl) ponytails or plaits stay all day without falling out.

Check for nits weekly when washing hair, with the conditioner on section the hair and use a nit comb and comb whole head and check to see if any nits come out.


Eco.Kid is a certified organic hair range made specifically for preventing nits with the benefit of soothing/fixing skin/scalp conditions. Each product in there range states what percentage organic they are, e.g the shampoo is 97.47%. The hair product range includes a lice bomb, two shampoos, 2 conditioners, 2 styling products and a leave in conditioner (Handy Tip: The leave in conditioner an be sprayed into school hats to add extra nit preventative!), All hair products help prevent nits as nits do not like the smell!

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