Autumn Trend Report

With Autumn

on the way we thought we would put together the latest trends to hit our shores


We have been saying it for months bobs are making a come back!!

We love a good bob or lob. Would you be game ?

Summer is all about the bob/lob, but expect to see even shorter haircuts like Kaia Gerber's. Just like she's shown us,


If you are someone with a bob or lob, grab some product like a leave in serum or a light curl creme, scrunch your hair and put in place and then let the air, dry your hair we have found you get an awesome lived in look.

Once you have done that put some added shine in your hair and your good to go..


With 2020's number one hair style trend is quickly becoming the shag.

The shag is making a great come back, after making its mark in the 90's 2000's.

The good news is the shag can be any length, and is more about the choppy layered look than the length. So if you've got short hair you can get a bob layered out into a more textured look, or roughen up that cropped pixie cut.


It's not just bobs that are going to look textured this year, it's every hairstyle. That's because texture will continue to be a big topic in 2020. Instead of super sleek, over-styled hair, we're going to see more natural texture, whether that means tousled and relaxed hair or curly. (and we're so happy to hear it). Whatever your natural texture is, embrace it! Instead of taking it away with heat tools


personalized after foiling or lightening. This technique lifts your complexion, makes your colour pop and will grow out very softly, with minimal upkeep or maintenance. We see the money piece remaining a big trend


Icy platinum hair had an epic run, with being one of the most popular colours.

But it seems like its finally coming to an end.

Your hair will love you as icy blonde is hard to achieve for a lot of people and the cost and maintenance is just that little to over the top if you are on the darker side.

Softer slightly warmer hair colours will be huge in the upcoming year.

Are you ready to jump in and give it a go?

People often mistake warm for brassy and going to dark or too red.

Don't make that assumption there are lots of gorgeous warmer colours.

Thank you for taking the time to read the upcoming hair trends, We hope you find a new style, be brave and give it a go :)

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