The Spring/Summer Guide 2020 - 2021

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

Summer is all about that low maintenance lifestyle, so for the hair we want to keep things simple.

Sticking with natural tones.

Why we love it?

Sandy blondes and balayage highlights have become more and more popular in the salon. They are so easy to maintain and hide regrowth so less time in the salon and more time down at the beach.

These natural tones are perfect to achieve that Beachy sun-kissed look! Plus days in the sun and ocean will fade your colours quickly.

So sticking to natural tones means less maintenance.

Curtain Fringe

Why we love it ?

A mix of low maintenance and OLD SKOOL. We are a little obsessed with this style.

These natural and relaxed curtain fringes are defiantly your go to look for this year! .

Taking us back in time, these shaggy curtain fringes are making a return and we have no objections.

They are a quick, fun and easy way to change your hair.

Unapologetic Curls

Why we love it ?

Hairstylists agree that it's not just bobs that are going to look textured this year, it's every hairstyle. That's because texture will continue to be a big topic in 2020. Instead of super-sleek, over-styled hair, we're going to see more natural texture, whether that means tousled and relaxed hair or curly and coily hair. (and we're so happy to hear it). Whatever your natural texture is, embrace it!

Blunt Bobs

Why we love it ?

The strong bob—also known as a blunt bob—is on the rise. "This cut is a statement," "Cool is more important than sexy right now. Or rather, cool is the new sexy." The strong bob works for any hair texture.

Bob hairstyles are one of the classic haircuts that never seems to go out of fashion.

Looks great on any hair type weather you have straight or curly hair.


Why we love it ?

2020, We all know majority of the year we have been inside with no way of going to the hair salon.

Leaving your regrowth to grow out more than you would like.

This trend is perfect for all you ladies that want to push your colour further.

Root shadowing puts the whoa in low-maintenance. You can embrace your forever-growing roots rather than rally against them, cutting down on the amount of time spent coloring your hair. Plus you get to avoid the stark growing out phase. Root shadowing is incredibly easy to maintain.

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