Getting the most out of your hairstyle

Who can be bothered doing there hair every day?... Even me as a hairdresser, I can't be bothered!

So here are tips on extending your hairstyle so you can get 2-3 days or even a whole week out of your blow-dry

Prepping Hair:

When prepping the hair to be styled you need to think about what shampoo and conditioner you will use to get the longest out of your style, do you need a treatment? Do you have a lot of product build up that needs to be removed? Even if you don't have a lot of product build up, if you want your style to last a few days, you need to use a deep clarifying shampoo to remove excess dirt and add shine to the hair. Think about it as starting with a blank canvas.

Styling Hair:

When trying to extend your hairstyle you need to use the right products; Use a styling product that can hold your blow-dry in shape, e.g a root lift or curl hold or mousse, Don't use to much hairspray at the start so as you go day to day you use more.

Using Product to extend your hairstyle:

- Do you get oily dirty hair? Try using a dry shampoo to counteract this. Their are many on the market but do keep in mind non-professional dry shampoo can strip to much of your natural oils from your scalp and may cause your scalp to overproduce oils with prolonged use.

Handy Tip- A dry shampoo uses a powder which sits in-between each hair strand to give volume if used enough

- Does your hair get dry or lack shine? Use a serum or shine spray to add life back into your hair. If your using a serum post styling make sure your use a small amount and only use it on your ends so you don't drop your hairstyle or make it oily. There are many no oily spray that have a small amount of shimmer to add that shine without the grease.

- Hairspray; a light hairspray is good to use when you are trying to extend your blow-dry for more than 2 days so you can build up the amount of hairspray day to day or using

a hairspray that is designed to be brushed out easily.

When Sleeping:

sleeping is the main time when you can ruin a hairstyle, Use a satin/silk pillowcase can counteract this! If you can't get one, wrap a silk/satin scarf around your pillow.

Need to put you hair up:

invisa-Bobbles are a new type of hair-tie made spiralled in the shape of an old-school phone wire to give uneven tension on the hair without leaving a line.

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